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AURA-II operates a precious metal reclamation, refining and recycling facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin providing customers high-yield results and customized reclamation workflows for more than 38 years.

WIDE VARIETY OF UNIQUE SERVICES AVAILABLE. AURA-II recovers and refines gold, silver, palladium and base metals from a wide variety of sources including recyclable consumer and industrial electronics scrap, electroplating solutions and hazardous waste, and we develop unique services for jewelry manufacturers and buyers of post-consumer scrap jewelry.

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Services Offered
specialized areas of expertise

CHEMICAL PROCESS. AURA-II is an end-point refiner. The final step of our process yields pure gold. That means 100% recovery, no assay errors, total transparency and full recovery of other precious and non-ferrous metals from mixed-metal scrap. AURA-II has in its arsenal a wide variety of techniques. We select the best method or combination of processes to reclaim the maximum value from even the most challenging scrap and waste.

ELECTRONICS SCRAP. We reclaim gold, silver and other metals from every type of electronic scrap including PCBs, processors, IC chips, populated circuit boards, connectors and pins, SIMs, microwave devices, medical devices, cell phones, contacts and relays. AURA-II can handle e-scrap in any form including sorted, unsorted, mixed, complete assemblies, excess inventory, manufacturing scrap and post-consumer electronic scrap.

WHOLESALE JEWELRY RECYCLING. Are you buying used, broken or unwanted jewelry from the general public? AURA-II offers jewelry buyers better yields, better terms and faster turnaround than any other refiner. We also offer secure online information systems to track your buys and give you total control from valuation through refine and payment.

TRIM & PLATED ITEMS. AURA-II handles a huge volume of product trim and plated parts. Our optimized process employs chemical stripping and multiple precipitation.

ENCAPSULATED GOLD. AURA-II uses shredding and hammer milling to recover encapsulated gold as in processor chips and inkjet cartridges.

FILTERS AND RESINS. We use forced convection leaching and reverse plating.

HAZARDOUS WASTE. Fully certified to handle hazardous waste under the supervision of our compliance chemist, AURA-II recovers precious metals from many types of hazardous waste including cyanide and acid plating solutions.

CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION. If your scrap includes proprietary or military items AURA-II can provide certificates of destruction or assist with pre-shipment destruction.

POST CONSUMER RECYCLING SERVICES. Let AURA-II design and operate your electronics recycling program. We can receive recyclable products and materials from manufacturers, distributors, retailing services facilities or end users. Our systems extracts the maximum value and we keep you 100% informed about the value and whereabouts of recyclables moving through the process.

CUSTOM WORKFLOWS AND EDI. Aura works with customers to design custom reclamation and recycling workflows that can optionally include custom versions of our secure real-time online information systems that track materials, value and even allow you to remotely view your job as it is refined and assayed. Every refiner SAYS they are trustworthy. Only AURA-II offers total transparency and accountability via online reporting systems offered FREE to our high and medium-volume customers.


Policies & Payment

AURA-II prides itself on providing terms that work well with your business needs. Below are just some of the highlights.

  • Free freight - Paid to our facility
  • Containers supplied
  • Shipping materials provided
  • Personal calls upon receipt of material
  • Personal calls upon settlement
  • Sort and categorize materials into lots, as required
  • Analysis of approximate gold content by toll free number
  • No charges above low gold content
  • Free estimates

Flexible Payment Policy

  • Pool your gold
  • Check to company
  • Check to authorized individual
  • Payment in gold coins
  • Credit to bullion account
  • Cash
  • Cash advances
  • Federal Express payments

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"At AURA-II, our innovative application of proven technologies guarantees maximum yield by avoiding the loss mechanisms associated with more conventional refining techniques. We pride ourselves in giving personal attention to each and every one of our customer's specific needs. As President of AURA-II, that's my favorite part of this process: getting personally involved in your projects and producing results that impress."
Tom Braier - AURA-II, Inc. President

AURA-II looks forward to discussing your precious metal recovery projects and how our techniques can result in improved yields. Contact us today!

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About our facility

AURA-II, Inc. is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded in 1982, AURA-II has been providing some of the industry's highest yields and best customer service for precious metal recovery to customers throughout North, Central and South America.

A member of the International Precious Metals Institute, AURA-II follows the best precious metal refiningbusiness practices and provides unparalleled results for our customers, and is in full compliance with EPA and WDNR regulations.

Our skilled technicians work in our modern 30,000 square foot facility, which was renovated and expanded in 2000. precious metal refining